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Economy ECU Remapping

Save on fuel with Finn Auto Performance Tuning economy ECU remapping. Economy remapping is suitable for most modern cars. Optimise your vehicle for great fuel efficiency.

  • Decrease fuel consumption by 10%
  • Deliver more power at lower RPM
  • Increased torque for better towing

No More DPF /CAT / EGR or Adblue Problems

If your car is in limp mode because of DPF /CAT / EGR or Adblue problems, Finn Auto Performance Tuning can get your vehicle back to normal with a custom DPF / EGR or Adblue delete.

  • No more limp mode
  • No more engine light problems
  • Improve fuel economy by 10%

Performance ECU Remapping

Through ECU remapping Finn Auto Performance Tuning is able to improve your vehicles performance.
By remapping your cars' software, cars gain up to 30% performance, improving engine responsiveness and improving speed.
Our files are dyno tested to ensure client satisfaction.

  • Add up to 30% extra performance
  • Improve top speed
  • Improve your engine response


Here are the results after tuning some cars:

Toyota Hilux 2006-2016
3.0 D4D 125Hp Improvements:

Increase Torque + 125nm - 50% Improvement50%
Power + 22kW - 23% Improvement23%

Audi A4 2008-2011
2.0 TDI 120Hp Improvements:

Increase Torque + 120nm - 41% Improvement41%
Power + 48kW - 54% Improvement54%

BMW X5 E70 2010-2013
30d – 211Hp Improvements:

Torque+80nm - 15%15%
Increase Power +66kW - 42% Improvement42%

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We have the largest range of diagnostic and specialised tools in Port Elizabeth

Fuel Economy

Finn Auto Performance Tuning can optimise your vehicle for great fuel efficiency. Perfect for company or personal vehicles.

Performance Tuning

Improved Fuel Efficiency: a remap can improved fuel economy as well as improved performance. Improve Vehicle Performance: Don't put limits on your car! Improve it's performance instead!

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Our team is experienced, professional and friendly! Offering great advice and solutions to all your car performance issues.


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